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I've done this website to present in a factual and reliable way, my colorful personality... It has to help me with finding new jobs when I am on the road and contribute to create positive and constructive connections, wherever, there is any bond between us. Below you will find detailed information about me. Visit JOYRIDE subpage for fast visual version.


Without habits, hardened views or confessing various ideologies I let myself be guided by life, appreciating every synergistic meeting that I am able to discover. I try to avoid megalomania, don't multiply fears, worries, anger, ambitions or willings to control. I change what is natural as little as possible and focus my time and energy to spread good vibre. Following the clue that "more we can learn by travel", I have been on the road for about a decade!

What characterized me is super high level of orientation in the world (MSc geography), documented by visits to several dozen countries; - knowledge of multimedia design (Phd multimedia design); - good, positive communication skills in several languages; - experience of working in many different professions, - independence; - ability to finding solutions in unexpected situations. In addition, the willingness to move, readiness to change, easy adaptation to new tasks, challenges and situations.

About this website... you will find here some texts, photos and loose observations, based on my completely unbelievable experiences of BEING on the way. I assume that all materials what I am sharing here, can create an interesting imagination about my person and maybe encourage you to contact me with some cool new ideas. You're welcome!


I. University of Warsaw - MA in geography.
II. Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warsaw - postgraduate studies, advanced multimedia.

+ several courses and internships mainly in the topic of multimedia creation. Iam fluent in the Adobe Package, although happy makes me only Photoshop in photo editing and photomontages.

I am able to communicate in Polish (M), English (C1), Spanish (B2) and Russian (A2).


The job I like the most doesn't seem to exist yet ;) I'm sure I'm on my way to discover it ;) I like new activities. That's why I've have many different jobs. Sometimes responsible, sometimes funny, sometimes interesting. There were also quite shitty jobs ... - I've never been particularly picky. Tactic to test everything and work everywhere has given me enormous freedom, a lot of experiences and also money when I needed.

For most of the year I am in South America and that's where I want to act, first of all. As for today, this continent suits me best as a place to live, therefore I treat all cooperation on South American soil as a priority. I am eager to work remotely with Europe (minus 5 hours allows me operation in the European afternoon or at night, e.g. so my job can be done for mornings). In Europe, I am also interested in seasonal, around summertime activities ;) I like driving vehicles (I have my own 4x4 car), I hiking a lot, mostly in Los Andes but I know many mountain ranges. I create multimedia, photos... but most of all I'am on the way through the world and I'm really good in that!

I have cooperated with dozens of employers in several countries... It doesn't make sense to list them all. Some of the episodes I don't even remember myself (: Cooperation usually ended with mutual joy, because when is time for work I like to be hardworker and I quickly handle most of the things. Highly limited (compared to a European standards) number of my needs, fortunately has protected me from workaholism.

Below small compilation of what I have already done - in case if you are someone who wants to offer me something else.

click on the choosen photo for details ...


Together with my ex-girlfriend we ran a company dealing with multimedia support for concerts and others events. We were providing the visual setting for events with the participation of a LED screen, cameras, mixers and projectors.

We realized the setting for the concerts; cooperating with many popular polish music groups and cabarets in halls for several thousand viewers.

Based in Łódź, we worked traveling all over Poland to concerts, festivals, other performances ..... We even organized a fan zone during EURO 2012. I have quite nice memories of my working time in a stage agency - although 5 years in the event industry seems to me long enough to become very tiring.

My duties :

  • Taking care of the proper course of the event, correct installation of equipment, assigning tasks to employees.
  • Talking with clients on the technical details of the implementation of the visual setting of events.
  • Creating visualizations, films, advertisements, posters, announcements and other necessary multimedia.
  • Multimedia tools handling - led screen, mixers, cameras, software
  • Thousands of kilometers of driving to meetings and events with equipment


I like road reports, with all this dirt and sand !.

After years of trial and mistakes I have finally reached some level of photography, which you can judge yourself, because probably all the photos on this page,(except those on which I am myself) i did my own.

I like to create photomontages, combine, modify, improve existing photos digitally. Recently, I have been photographing less, honestly only because I have no good reason. I would like this work when my fotos are used for something, because to achieve your own satisfaction with moving around the world I don't need things like this anymore;)

I did a lot of photojournalism. Some of my fotos are attached on the website. Most are from Canon CANON 85/1.8 and 50/1.4 lenses.

Skills :

  • Photo report. Travel photography
  • Digital photo editing in Photoshop with a special willings for photomontage
Experience - many years

IT, Web developer, HTML, CSS, FLASH, PHP programmer ...

I was working with websites or programming as a freelancer during my studies and immediately after graduation. It was never my primary occupation but I spend thousands of hours in page codes, photo editing, positioning and to a lesser extent also programming.

Currently, Sometimes Iam undertake a website project, although I don't program myself anymore just use codes solutions, developing and adapting them to the customer's needs. Even now Iam lightly taking care about (for example) this sort of websites:

That site for one nice company, BBO Group (ahh, let me add here link to top-up google position also from my website level

I don't work with websites much because it seems quite boring to me today. but I keep me on date and try generate necessary enthusiasm and work with IT, because webmastering is an occupation from the position of being on the road very handy.

From the programming side, I forgot a lot and I don't particularly want to refresh this knowledge, but if I will have to, I can imagine it. I used to make Flash animations - small games or interactions based on the Action Script 2 language. After changing the language to 3.0 and when Flash was abanoned by other technologies, I also abandoned the topic.

Skills :

  • Programming and website design
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, FLASH, new technologies...
  • JQUERY, JS - just a bit
  • Positioning and optimization of websites
  • I can do some things in IT, marketing but I can't say I like it .
Experience : with pauses from 2006

Carpenter - wooden, natural construction

I did my first simple work related to wooden structures when I lived in Norway (2013-15) It was the time when I became interested in wooden construction.

I like to work on wooden houses, especially experimental structures, with recycled materials and other locally available natural materials. I developed my experiences by participating in various projects in portugal, spain, france or argentina. Still I come back time to time to norway to get some job and more experience.

I am thinking of building a small, experimental house, maybe in peru, colombia or bolivia. I am waiting for a sign that I hope will come in correct time.

Skills :

  • Tool handling - saws, jigsaws, pistols
  • Measuring, reading the plan
  • Internal wooden walls constructing
  • Walls cladding
  • Cottages painting
Experience: 1 year

Wine production, Grape harvest

I discovered the Pyrenees some time ago, and following that, the possibility of working in France in wine production. Although living in France it's not anything particularly nice, I also tested it by living few years mainly on the south.

As for today (2020), I have already had a good few seasons (5 > 10) of grape picking and a dozen of employers in various regions of France 3 seasons of work in a wine cellar in wine production, the season of pruning trees, removing leaves, planting, pallisage I like a lot vendange. It contains many elements that are the essence of the work: - joyful interpersonal interactions, - toil, physical exertion, - fatigue, - contact with the sun, - creating a product that is supposed to amuse, - cool rest ... I wish it lasted only a few weeks. I would love to work on the harvest more. I hope the 2019 AD grape harvest was not my last:

Skills :

  • Vendange (grapes harves) - Iam super good and like it
  • Cave de vin
  • Pruning
  • Palissage
Experience: 5-10 seasons


First I needed graphic designer skills to create websites and later it has expanded to another needs, as photo processing and editing, creating web banners, modules for animation and the animation itself (Flash). Projects for printing - posters, leaflets and catalogs.

I have completed postgraduate multimedia studies (Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology 2010) which systematized my knowledge in this field.


  • Adobe:
    • - Photoshop ( very good knowlegde )
    • - Flash ( good )
    • - Ilustrator (average )
    • - Premier ( average )
    • - After Affect ( average )
  • Graphic design based on raster and vector graphics
  • Creating graphic designs for websites
  • Materials for printing praparation


I lived for several, quite joyful years in Krakow oldtown. Right after studies I was working to get some money for a carefree Krakow life.

Work with tourists from all over the world (because Krakow is a nice city, worth to see) seemed super cool to me and its really like this when you are in your twenties. Now, around 40, hmmm perception has changed hehe and Iam looking for enrich my life in many different ways...


  • Manage reservations
  • Reception service
  • Work with multimedia
  • Organization of events, trips, etc.

Agriculture and Horticulture

It also happened to me, working in noble food supply industry...


  • Driving a tractor, driving a forklift - both super cool for me
  • Harvest: - cucumbers (poland -1987!!!), - strawberries (denmark), - olives (spain), - apples (france), - melons (france)
  • Working in greenhouses (small britain)
  • Ecofarm episodes in france


In Scandinavia (Norway), I was mainly involved in planting trees and I ended my work in ti with the result of tens-hundred of thousands trees planted I am quite proud of my contribution to the greening of the planet and I also acquired a number of useful for survival experiences such as handling chainsaws, driving specialized vehicles, boats or taking part in pulling trees from the forest (I recommend especially in winter or in the rain ;)


  • Planting trees
  • Cutting down trees (mainly takin care on young forest )
  • Unusual tasks related to the protection of some species in reserves
EXPERIENCE: 1-2 years:


During travells in attempts to earn some money, I have had quite interesting episodes which are worth to mention. Last time (since 2022) Iam proud crew member of summer hiker camp, placed between two glaciers in iceland. I was working in one of the biggest dutch internet shop (Alkmaar). Have fun episodes as sawmill worker in ecuador, a dairy milkman assistant in the Ands, coffee plantation worker in colombia, I was cutting down Christmas trees in south of france, I also did a few things that maybe it's better don't write it here hehe ...

I drove over a hundred thousand km in my expedition upgrade ;) jeep, discovering nearly whole of Europe . It can therefore be assumed that I have quite extensive experience as a driver.


The last section on this subpage. We could call it "download". If you are interested download my CV, diplomas etc ... - you are welcome ( pdf, jpg files )